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Easy Numbered Headings

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Easy Numbered Headings adds numbering to all of your headings without needing any setup or macros. Numbering is applied in the editor, in view mode, and when exported to PDF or Word.


Easy Numbered Headings adds one macro to the Confluence editor:


Easy Numbered Headings Options


This macro allows setting the following options:

  • Set the number for the next heading, following headings will increment that number.
  • Disable or re-enable numbering for the following headings.
  • Set a prefix for the following headings.


The following settings can be applied globally and for each space.

Enable numbering

Whether or not to apply numbering to headings. This option can be overridden on each page using the Easy Numbered Headings Options macro.

Append full stop (.)This adds a period to the end of all numbering. It is recommended to use this option rather than adding a period to the number formatting.
Number formattingUse a default by selecting it in the drop-down box or set your own custom format. See below for examples

Custom formatting

Here are some examples of placeholders than will be replaced in the custom format:

PlaceholderHow it is parsedExample result
{h3}If only a heading level is given, then the entire numbering for that level will inserted.1.3.2
{h2.decimal}The number for the previous h2 heading in decimal format.3
{decimal}The number for the current heading in decimal format.2
{lowerLatin}The number for the current heading in lower-case latin format.b
{h1.upperRoman}The number for the previous h1 heading in upper-case roman format.I

The available number formats are: decimal, lowerLatin, upperLatin, lowerGreek, upperGreek, lowerRoman, upperRoman.


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