Prepare non-LaTeX Math macros for migration to Cloud

This page describes the process for permanently converting non-LaTeX Math macros to LaTeX Math macros. This is an alternative to using user macros as described in and was developed because user macros are not available on cloud.

  • The tool described below is only available on LaTeX Math server, so it must be used before migrating to cloud.

  • Though pages can be migrated from server to cloud, currently, templates cannot be migrated. Administrators and users must modify or recreate all templates in their cloud instance once the migration is completed.

  • We recommend running the migration on a staging instance first to ensure successful migration of all content.

  • The Prepare Migration wizard can:

    • Change macro key names for all spaces or specific space(s).

    • Use one parameter from each source macro as the ‘math’ content for that macro


Follow the given steps to rename the macro key names on pages:

  1. Navigate to settings (Cogs menu) icon > Manage apps > BOLO CONFIGURATION > LaTex Math to open the Configure LaTex Math page.

  2. Click Prepare Migration to start the process.

    Enter the following information to map the macro key names and the relevant parameter:

    • Source Macro key: Enter the macro key to be replaced with the cloud version.

    • Source Math combined in: Enter the parameter name that has the relevant math expression or equation in the server instance.

    • Target Macro key: Specify the type of math macro is to be migrated: mathinline or mathblock.

    • Select the checkbox to prepare all the unprepared pages across all the spaces to be migrated. Or, specify the required space key(s) in the given text area. Use the (x) sign against each space in the text area to remove that space from the preparation process.

  3. Click Prepare Migration and confirm that the given options are correct to start the process.

A progress bar display with the number pages matching the criteria given and migrated. If valid data is not given, the affected page(s) are not migrated. After the process is completed, details of the pages and spaces affected are displayed in the Prepare Migration page.

After running the migration for all spaces containing the relevant macros, you can then run the CCMA to complete the migration process.

If there are any errors or breakages on the pages in the cloud version, each such instance may require renaming macro key name manually. If there are issues with this process or after the migration process is completed, please contact the Support team for help.