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Converting to LaTeX Math macros


Please perform a backup of your space or staging instance before you do the migration.

In case of migration from Confluence Server to Confluence Cloud, please note that the steps below (if at all necessary) can only be run on Confluence Server and are not available in Cloud.

Prepare Migration

We have introduced a new tab in the Global Configuration section Migration Settings along with existing configuration in another tab.

This section will has a Prepare Migration Button, upon clicking the button it will give open a popup with the user to:

  • Enter the macro name from which we are going to migrate (Source Macro key).

  • If the math is stored in a macro parameter we need to give the parameter name in “Source Math contained in”. If the math is stored in the macro body then this field must be left blank. Usually this information can be found by inspecting the “Storage Format” of a page containing the macro.

  • Select which macro we would like to migrate to. The two options are mathblock and mathinline, which are equivalent to “LaTeX Math Block” and “LaTeX Math Inline”.

  • We have check box option to select whether to perform the migration in all spaces. If this checkbox is not checked the user will be provided with the option to choose specific spaces to be migrated instead.


  • After clicking on the Prepare Migration button on this popup, user will be prompted to confirm whether to trigger the migration or not.

  • Once we click on the button here in the popup alert, it will trigger the migration.

In the following screenshots a migration from the latex-inline macro to mathinline macro can be seen.



Before Migration
After migration