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How to add a LaTeX Math Block reference macro to a Confluence page

This article explains how to add a LaTeX Math Block reference macro to a Confluence page.


Follow the below steps to add the macro:

  1. Create a Confluence page.

  2. Edit the page and include the LaTeX Math Block Reference macro.

  3. Add details as per your requirements as shown in the below screenshot. Alignment can be Left, Right and Center.
    Confluence Page: Mention the page title where the Latex Math macro is included.
    Anchor Name: Refers to the anchor name of the Latex macro. Example screenshot as shown below.

    Link text: Enter the name based on your requirements.


  4. Click Save.

Here is a gif demonstrating on how the macro works. You have to click on the link text to navigate to the Latex formula.

Please note that the LaTeX Math Block Reference macro will be available only if the LaTeX Math app is installed. If it is. not available, reach out to Jira Administrator.