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Numbered Captions

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Numbered Captions provides a way to consistently caption figures, tables, and more. Numbering is automatically incremented separately for each type. Captioned items can be referenced from the same page or other pages and include links to the captioned item.


Numbered Captions consists of 2 macros, both of which can be accessed through the Add menu. All macros can be accessed by typing { or using the macro browser.

Captioned Item

A caption will be applied to the contents of this macro.

To apply a caption to an item that already exists, select that item, then select Insert -> Caption for this item

Caption Reference

This macro will show a link to the captioned item with the same anchor.

Table of FiguresShow a list of captions on this or another page. Options to include child pages and to limit to one type of caption (e.g. Figure, Table)


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