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LaTeX Math

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Easily use LaTeX formatting on your confluence pages. Your LaTeX can be rendered with MathJax or to images. Images can be rendered internally or by an external LaTeX installation (for demanding users). Add equations, units, and more. Intuitively add LaTeX representations of complex formula that will be rendered properly.

If you are new to using the LaTeX math mode, see How to write LaTeX


LaTeX Math consists of 5 macros, most of which can be accessed through the Add menu. All macros can be accessed by typing { or using the macro browser.

Math InlineThis implements the LaTeX inline math mode. For displaying formulas or symbols inline with the surrounding text (e.g. "\tau").
Math Block

This implements the LaTeX equation math mode. The output will be shown on it's own line with the selected horizontal alignment (default = centered).

The Math Block macro supports numbering. Numbering is enabled by when a non-empty "anchor" is given.

Math Block ReferenceThis macro will show a link to the Math Block macro with the same anchor.
UnitFor showing units. This is similar to Math Inline, but with formatting settings that are more suitable for displaying units (e.g. "m/s^2").
LaTex List of Equations (Math Blocks)This shows a list of equations. This macro has options to include child pages and to show Anchors.
LaTeXSERVER ONLY This is a general purpose LaTeX renderer. Note: This requires the external renderer, and is therefore only available on Confluence Server.

Editor Shortcuts SERVER ONLY

Ctrl-Enter: When editing a Math Block or Math Inline macro, press this to save the macro and close the macro editor.

Ctrl-Shift-M: Insert Math Inline macro

Ctrl-Shift-K: Insert Math Inline macro (since 3.7.1)

\(: Add Math Inline macro

\[: Add Math Block macro

$ x $: Add Math Inline macro with "x" as body

$$ x $$: Add Math Block macro with "x" as body


Math Block macros have an 'anchor' parameter that can be changed in the macro editor. When this parameter is filled it enables numbering for that macro. If the same anchor is used in a Math Block Reference, it will render a link with the correct number. For example, here is a link to the macro below: (1)



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