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Easy Numbered Headings adds one macro to the Confluence editor:


Easy Numbered Headings Options

titleServer only

This macro allows setting the following options:

  • Set the number for the next heading, following headings will increment that number.
  • Disable or re-enable numbering for the following headings.
  • Set a prefix for the following headings.


PlaceholderHow it is parsedExample result
{h3}If only a heading level is given, then the entire numbering for that level will inserted.1.3.2
{h2.decimal}The number for the previous h3 h2 heading in decimal format.3
{decimal}The number for the current heading in decimal format.2
{lowerLatin}The number for the current heading in lower-case latin format.b
{h1.upperRoman}The number for the previous h1 heading in upper-case roman format.I